• Expertise in Mining & Quarries

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    Geohart geotechnical consultants have decades of local and international experience working in critical roles in the mining industry.

    Geohart are relied upon for expert geotechnical designs, data, investigations, assessments, plans, feasibility studies and reports.

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  • Civil Geotechnical & Infrastructure

    Geohart geotechnical consultants are well known for their expertise in civil geotechnical design, asset management and condition assessment of industrial infrastructure, foundations, bridges, rail and tunnels on many projects in Australia and around the world.

    Civil Services

  • At Geohart, we listen to our client’s needs.

    Our aim is to work closely with our clients to find solutions to their problems and optimise their business.

Geotechnical Support and Mentoring

Geohart provides the kind of expertise that only comes from many years of study and decades of experience in some of the most challenging environments around the world.

We are a geotechnical consultancy providing a range of services  focused around the following main areas:


  • Data Collation

    Ongoing Data Acquisition Plans
    Geotechnical Drilling
    Geotechnical Logging
    Geotechnical Mapping
    Site Classifications
    3D Laser Scanning for Structural Geology


    Data Collation
  • Monitoring & Testing

    Ground Movement Monitoring
    Seismic Monitoring and Analysis
    Soil Strength Testing (DCP’s)
    Vibration Monitoring Systems
    Rock Bolt Testing
    Ground Water Level Monitoring
    Aquifer and Well Testing
    Groundwater Quality Monitoring
    Horizontal & Vertical Drain Hole Assessments (SeeSnake)

    Monitoring & Testing 
  • Analysis & Assessment

    Ground Movement Analysis
    Underground Mine Stope & Open Pit Slope Stability Assessments
    Caveability & Fragmentation
    High Level 2D & 3D numerical modelling (Static & Seismic)
    Road Embankment & Landslide Assessments
    Contiguous Piling
    Screw Pile Capacity Analysis

    Analysis & Assessment
  • Reporting & Studies

    Factual Geotechnical Reporting
    Incident & Interpretive Geotechnical Reporting
    Investigative Reporting
    Conceptual Studies
    Feasibility Studies (Pre, Definitive & Bankable)

    many articles

    Reporting & Studies
  • Geotechnical Design

    Locate Underground Access
    Design Underground Access & Mines
    Mining Method Selection
    Mine Layout and Extraction Sequence Optimisation
    Modelling Alternate Draw Strategies
    Ground Support Design
    Shotcrete Mix Design
    Open Cut Mine Design
    Dam & TSF Embankment Design (ANCOLD)
    Earthworks Design
    Foundation & Crane Pad Designs
    Retaining Wall Design

    Geotechnical Design
  • Hydrology and Hydrogeology

    Surface Drainage Design
    Effluent Disposal Testing / Design
    Silt and Sediment Erosion Plans
    Groundwater resource evaluation
    Aquifer and Well Testing
    Groundwater Quality Monitoring
    Mine Water Management
    Groundwater Contamination Assessment and Remediation


    Hydrology & Hydrogeology
  • Rock Bolt Testing

    Non-destructive Rock Bolt testing is a specialist service offered by Geohart that has great advantages over traditional pull out testing (Mod-Shock System).

    Rock Bolt Testing
  • Risk Management Processes

    Ground Control Management
    Principal Hazard Management
    Asset Management & Infrastructure Integrity
    Seismic Hazard Assessment (Mining and Infrastructures)

    Risk Management Processes
  • Operational Support and Mentoring

    Geohart are good at integrating with existing teams. We champion specialist knowledge and thought leadership from every corner of the industry, inspiring teams to be their best and are often called on to assist on-site & providing mentoring.

    Operational Support & Mentoring

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