Geohart is an international mining and civil geotechnical consulting firm established by Wouter Hartman – Principal Geotechnical Engineer. Wouter Hartman has 25 years industry experience in exploration, underground and open-cut mining operations, mining and civil tunnelling consulting industries in China, Australia, Philippines, UAE, Chile, Indonesia and Southern Africa. Geohart have the necessary expertise to provide critical input into due diligence and feasibility studies and the ability to bring together highly experienced individuals to work in effective teams.


  • With offices in Melbourne and Auckland we have successfully served more than 100 projects throughout the world. The completed projects have involved project management, geological evaluation and site services, geotechnical feasibility and design services for operational mines and civil projects. The core business is providing mining and civil geotechnical engineering services.

  • Mountain Mining

Scope of Services

At Geohart, we listen to our client’s needs. Our aim is to work closely with our clients to find solutions to their problems and optimize their business.  We are a mining consultancy providing a range of services for the mining industry with our services focused around the following main areas:


  • Mission Statement

    GEOHART have been established to promote more efficient and cost effective geotechnical risk management services and tools for the mining and civil engineering industries.

  • Business Philosophy

    • Value client relationships
    • Maintain integrity, ethics and respect
    • Quality and cost effective services

Service Quality

The corporate objective is to provide engineering excellence through a process of continuous improvement in our service quality.  The company’s interest is to provide deliverables on time, within budget and in a manner which provides a technically appropriate and socially responsible solution, conforming to contractual and regulatory requirements.

To achieve this objective Geohart has continuously been developing best consulting practices which is applied to the conception, planning, investigation, design, documentation, project evaluation, procurement and contract administration phases of a project.  They are based on the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Systems – Model for Quality Assurance in Design, Development, Production, Installation and Servicing, and designed to control the work and confirm the effectiveness of the planning and management of each project in meeting our obligations to clients. Geohart is certified compliant with ISO 9001:2008.

The service quality at Geohart is implemented through the following key strategies:

  • Being adaptive to the changing management, technical and physical environment in which we live.
  • Development of a clear focus and emphasis on the client’s needs interests and requirements.

The assurance of quality is important in all work undertaken by Geohart and is practiced by all personnel in their daily activities.  The management of Geohart is confident that the knowledge, work skills, continuing professional education and dedication of our staff will contribute to the delivery of quality in the services performed.

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