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Wouter Hartman presents at the 9th International Symposium on Rockbursts and Seismicity in Mines – Santiago, Chile Nov 2017



Wouter Hartman presents at Eastern Australia Ground Control Group – Sydney May 2017

This presentation describes the hazards and risks associated with shotcrete or applied sprayed concrete as part of a ground support system. A number of incidents have been associated with shotcrete as part of the ground support system being subjected to strong ground motion. The presentation highlights certain deficiencies (e.g. design approach) in assessing the capability and performance of shotcrete as an appropriate containment system in pseudo-static to dynamic ground conditions. The presentation highlights the urgency for all ground support systems to be re-evaluated which are expected to perform and endure the effects of violent ground motion. The ground engineering principals will emphasize the important underlying factors when a ground support system is designed or selected. In this presentation I’ve urged that assessing the energy capacity of ground support systems is an important process in determining whether a specific surface support and reinforcement system is able to withstand the total energy that the rock mass could exert for a specified location, deformation, velocity, acceleration and displacement. Thus the presentation addresses the hidden dangers of applied sprayed concrete as part of a ground support system subjected to strong ground motion.

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We are pleased to announce that Geohart has been appointed to the Expert Panel of technical consultants and independent peer reviewers to assist the Victorian Government in implementing Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry Implementation Plan Actions IP-156 and IP-181. We will further be requested to assist the Earth Resources Department in aspects of Underground mining, Mine operational planning, Geology, Open Pit geotechnical engineering, Mining engineering (open cut/pit and underground), Dam engineering (including tailings dam engineering), Rehabilitation, Risk assessment, management/treatment, Mine Seismicity and Engineering Geology.

We are pleased to announce: Geohart is now a Preferred Supplier of Melbourne Water Read More

Geohart Consultants have been selected to assist Melbourne Water for the next 3 years as the preferred supplier of Geotechnical service as part of the Technical Services Panel. Melbourne Water, which is owned by the Victorian Government, manages the water supply catchments, treat and supply drinking and recycled water, remove and treat most of Melbourne’s sewage, and manage waterways and major drainage systems in the Port Phillip and Western Port region. They have a vision to enhance the life and liveability of the community they serve. The coming capital delivery program is one of the most fundamental means by which Melbourne Water will achieve this vision. Geohart Consultants are pleased to announce that we will be part of this vision. This service consist of:

  • Field investigations including drilling, logging and sampling of boreholes; Excavation and sampling of test pits; Penetrometer testing; Compaction testing; Groundwater measurement and sampling; Field inspection and interpretation of geological features; Geological mapping
  • Desk Top investigations
  • Laboratory Testing including full spectrum of soil properties – Atterberg limits, particle size distribution, dispersivity, density; Soil and Rock strength testing including tri-axial tests, Groundwater analyses, Permeability testing
  • Assessment, Analysis and Technical Reviews  including design criteria assessment, Slope Stability analysis, Seepage analysis, Bearing capacity determination, soil compaction assessment for end use, Geological stability, Geotechnical filter design; Formulation of investigation plans tailored to the needs of the specific projects, Project management of site investigations, Preparation of borelogs, Preparations of foundation profiles, Preparation of detailed investigation and assessment reports, Preparation of miscellaneous documentation necessary for the successful project prosecution, Geological maps, cross sections and subsurface conditions.

Memorandum of Understanding executed between Afghanite Read More and Geohart Consultants (November 2014)
Geohart Consultants is pleased to announce it has executed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding with Afghanite the 1st Afghan Mining & Geotechnical Services Provider in Afghanistan.
The MOU aims to formalise a business relationship between Afghanite Geo and Mining Engineering Services Company and Geohart Consultants. The business relationship is with respect to Geotechnical Consulting / Civil Consulting Services / Mining Consulting Services. Afghanite will provide local experience whereas Geohart Consultants will provide a wide range of international experience. Geohart Consultants and Afghanite will be working together on projects related to:

• Dam and Tailings Design / Construction Supervision and Surveillance
• Underground and Open Pit Mine investigation, design and implementation
• Numerical analysis for stable infrastructure (surface and underground)
• Mine Procurement and Supply Chain

Geohart Consultants and ASST sign alliance agreement

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Geohart Consultants and FFGeomechanics sign alliance agreement

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Conferences & Publications

Geohart to attend 9th Triennial Conference 2014 – 11-13 May 2014 (Hunter Valley) : Mine Subsidence – Risk Management in Action

Wouter Hartman co-author of the paper “Hazelwood Mine – Filling in the cracks” – presented by Mr. Michael Nicholson

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