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  • Geohart is an international mining and civil geotechnical consulting firm established by Wouter Hartman – Principal Geotechnical Engineer. Wouter Hartman has 25 years industry experience in exploration, underground and open-cut mining operations, mining and civil tunneling consulting industries in China, Australia, Philippines, UAE, Chile, Indonesia and Southern Africa. Geohart have the necessary expertise to provide critical input into due diligence and feasibility studies and the ability to bring together highly experienced individuals to work in effective teams.

    We have successfully served more than 100 projects in Australia, China, Philippines and Southern Africa. The completed projects have involved project management, geological evaluation and site services, geotechnical feasibility and design services for operational mines and civil projects. The core business is providing mining and civil geotechnical engineering services.

  • Director

    Wouter Hartman MBA, MSc, BSc(Hons)

    Work History

    Wouter established GEOHART Consultants in 2008 with the intention to consult to the civil and mining industry on a range of issues. Wouter has 28 years industry experience of which 24 years have been dedicated to geotechnical engineering in landslides, civil infrastructure, underground / open-cut mining operations / civil tunnelling and dams/tailings consulting in Vietnam, China, Australia, Chile, UAE, Dubai, Indonesia and South Africa. Wouter has a range of deep, intermediate and shallow mining geotechnical experience in the following commodities: Gold, copper, lead/zinc, shallow / intermediate / deep platinum, copper, lead/zinc, gold, brown and black coal mining experience.

    The mining and civil geotechnical experience is coupled with project management of a number of small to large projects. Wouter has in recent times being involved in driving change to Ground Control Management Plans / TARP’s / Dams/Tailings Consequence Categories and have provided advice to minor and major organisations. Wouter has extensive experience in risk management, monitoring and damage assessment, ground support design and stability for various civil and mining excavations. Wouter has been instrumental in the validation of the non-destructive rock reinforcement testing device (ModShock) aswell as involvement in in research activities associated with the shear rigidity of rock reinforcement elements in association with the Mining Research Centre UNSW-Sydney-Australia and ACARP. Wouter has also been instrumental in the development of a world first field shotcrete shear testing device and has extensive experience in shotcrete applications for open cut mines, civil rock and soil slopes, underground mine and tunnel excavations.




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