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GDF Suez Hazelwood Operations – Ground Control Management Plans (GCMP); Site Geotechnical Assistance; Dams/TSF Monitoring and Inspections; Asset Condition Assessment
Tritton Copper Mine (Avoca Tank) – Geotechnical Feasibility Study
Hindustan Zinc – Underground Stoping and Geotechnical Review
AngloGold Ashanti – Sunrise Dam Geotechnical Mentoring
Newmont Tanami – Void Management Plan
Cortona Resources/Unity – Dargues Reef Gold Mine Geotechnical Input Feasibility Study, Final Mine Design, Boxcut Design
CSA – Geotechnical Site Services
Barro Group – Maude Sand Safety Monitoring Program
Eloise Copper – Dynamic Ground Failure Investigation
Barrick – Dynamic Ground Support Review Kanowna Bell
Straits Resources – Site Geotechnical Services; Geotechnical Review; GCMP Development

PROJECT: Hazelwood Coal Mine & Power Station

h2Geohart was involved with the Hazelwood Operations from December 2012 in the development of a GIS Database Platform and a Ground Control Management Plan for the Hazelwood Mine open pit mining operations and several Water and Tailings Dams. Geohart through the lead of Mr. Wouter Hartman evolved and completed this enormous task towards the end of 2013. During this process Geohart had several tasks / projects completed which formed part of the development of the GCMP i.e. Guidelines for Mine Surface Drainage Design; Several Geotechnical Procedures for the mine operations; Review of mine structural defects to form part of the Mine Structural Geological Model – This review included scanning of the operational and permanent batters for the interpretation and processing of joint surfaces for visual presentation in the GIS Database platform. Review of Historic Failures to develop potential mechanisms of failure for the Hazelwood Mine Operation; Brown Coal Groundwater Trigger Levels for Open Pit Batter / Slope Stability through a comprehensive numerical modelling analysis process; Seismic Hazard review for the Latrobe Valley to include in Pseudo Static and Dynamic numerical analysis.

Geohart were further engaged since May 2013 to manage Hazelwood Mine’s site geotechnical works which includes weekly / monthly / 6 monthly and annual Geotechnical Reporting. The reporting includes regular reviews of the mines comprehensive geotechnical monitoring network which includes (i) VW Piezometers (ii) Standpipe Piezometers (iii) Steel Pin Survey Marks (iv) PRISMS Surveys (v) Inclinometers (vi) Vertical and Horizontal Extensometers. In January 2014 Geohart was further engaged to conduct regular site inspections of the Hazelwood Operation Water and Tailings Dams to conform to the ANCOLD Guidelines.

PROJECT: Tritton Copper Mine & Avoca Feasibility Study

Geohart have  been  engaged  by  Straits  Resources  to  produce  an  Annual  Geotechnical

Report  for  the Tritton  Mines  which  include  Tritton  and  North  East  operations.  This review includes key geotechnical elements which relate to:

  • Potential high risk areas,
  • Critical infrastructure and
  • Geotechnical input requirements for life of mine.

Prior  to  this  appointment,  Geohart  Consultants  provided  geotechnical  site  assistance  and  developed the Ground Control Management Plan (GCMP).

Following a scoping study that was completed in May 2013, Geohart Consultants were further involved in the Avoca Tank underground project which is located approximately 2km to the north of the North East Mine decline.

Geohart completed an interim study UG Mine Project Geotechnical Study which consisted of a review of the available geotechnical data to proceed to pre-feasibility / feasibility stage. Geohart in the pre-feasibility stage reviewed available data (including additional logging) which was used to conduct a geotechnical assessment of the Avoca Tank Project.

Stable stoping spans have been presented along with a detailed assessment of the planned stoping. Alternative mining methods have been assessed inclusive of types and requirements for support.

PROJECT: Dargues Reef

Geohart was involved in the review and provision of geotechnical input into the final underground mine design (2010-2012) for the Dargues Reef Project (NSW) following involvement in the geotechnical input during the feasibility study in 2010.

PROJECT: Coal Mine Regional and Local Strata Control – China

Geohart Consultants was commissioned by the Safety in Mines Testing and Research Station (a division of the Department of Employment Economic Development and Innovation) to conduct a review of the regional and local strata control of the Xuandong Coal Mine in China, as part of the joint Australia-China Mine Safety Demonstration Project.

The Xuandong project is one of Australia’s key contributions to the Coal Mine Health and Safety Project under the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate. The Asia-Pacific Partnership brings together Australia, Canada, China, India, Japan, Republic of Korea and the United States to address climate change, energy security and air pollution in a way that encourages economic development and reduces poverty.

The company is involved in a range of geotechnical projects and see opportunities for the mining industry in minimising ground control costs which still is a major issue in the rehabilitation schedule for coal mine roadways and intersections.

  • Regional Strata Control – Review of chain pillar design for coal seam mined at 1000m below surface
  • Local Strata Control – Ground Support behavior review
  • Strata Control Hazard Management Plans

PROJECT: Rock Reinforcement Integrity Testing

LOCATION: Sunrise Dam Gold Mine – AngloGold Ashanti

PROJECT: Rock Reinforcement Integrity Testing

LOCATION: Fosterville Gold Mine – Northgate Minerals

PROJECT: Rock Reinforcement Integrity Testing

LOCATION: XStrata Zinc – George Fisher Mine – Mt. Isa

PROJECT: Rock Reinforcement Integrity Testing

LOCATION: Centennial Coal – Mandalong

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