Rock Bolt Testing (Non-destructive)

Geohart Consultants have safely pioneered the use of non-destructive Rock Bolt testing to offer mining operations more detailed and accurate information and the added benefit of preserving existing rock bolt infrastructure.

rock bolt testingThe traditional pull out tests currently used for rock reinforcement testing is not considered an effective tool for the detection of compromised rock bolt systems used for ground control in underground mining and civil construction industries.

Pull out test still have an important role to play in determining critical bond lengths for static and quasi static ground support designs, however pull out tests do not provide an underground operation with any reassurance regarding rock bolt integrity, which could have been compromised during installation or affected by in-situ aggressive conditions.

Non-destructive rock bolt testing provides:

  • corrosion detectiontesting rock bolts
  • rock reinforcement integrity testing
  • resin / grouting quality control
  • site testing
Non-destructive Rockbolt Testing



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