Analysis & Assessment

Geohart provide the kind of insight that only comes from decades of  experience in some of the most challenging environments around the world.


Open Cut Mine, Soil & Rock Mass Assessment

xacdThe geotechnical data is assessed and reworked to produce a rockmass classification. The rockmass classification and empirically derived slope angles are displayed in a format where the client can easily recognise design problems.

Capability Statement -3D Structural & Geological Monitoring

PLAXIS 2D Open Pit Movement Model.

Conduct 2D stress-strain analysis for mining geometries to assess induced mining stresses around pits.

Assess areas for settlement and strains around mines.


Underground Rock Mass Assessment


Geotechnical Block Model using Surpac.

Validation of geotechnical borehole data (e.g. RQD’s, Q, Q’, RMR etc) to represent rock mass classification through geotechnical block modelling.

Geotechnical Block Modelling


Geotechnical Block Modelling – Related Issues


Soil Strength and Structure Analysis

Geohart understand soil. We offer a range of expert analysis and assessments including:image039 copy

  • soil strength
  • ground movement
  • vibration and seismic activity
  • slope stability
  • road assessment
  • contiguous piling and screw pile capacity
  • risk assessment

Our advanced 3D modelling techniques combine insights from multiple disciplines and can reveal issues and opportunities that may not otherwise be apparent.

Drawing experience from hundreds of projects and from some of the most challenging environments in the world Geohart pulls together all of your data to get a complete picture and advise you of the best practices to get superior results from your operation or project.


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