Data Collation

At Geohart Consultants, we listen to our client’s needs. Our aim is to work closely with our clients to find solutions to their problems and optimise their business. 

Backed by a wealth of experience and knowledge Geohart Consultants are a geotechnical consultancy able to provide a broad range of services for the mining industry, particularly in the area of geotechnical data acquisition.

Geotechnical Data Acquisition

geotechnical logging

Decisions about your mine are only as good as the data on which they are based. Geotechnical data is at it’s most useful when it can be tracked consistently over time. Planning and specifying standards, methodologies, software and equipment are all a vital part of getting the best geotechnical data.

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Geotechnical Drilling & Sampling


Geohart consultants specialise in in geotechnical drilling, particularly hollow stem augers, soil boring, soil sampling, Piezometer installation, wash boring, undisturbed tubes, insitu testing, penetration and packer testing.

We can sample all kinds of strata and, after encountering rock, conduct rock coring.


Geotechnical Logging

All logging of core samples is conducted in a rigorous method by qualified and experienced Geotechnical engineers to ensure the accuracy of the data collected.

core samples

Additionally we offer logging of orientated core samples to obtain structural defect orientation (measurement of alpha and beta angles). All of our tests adhere to industry best practice and ISRM standards.

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Geological 3D Laser Scanningimage1a

Geohart Consultants utilise the latest equipment and software to bring a complete understanding of a mine and it’s capacities.

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Soil Surveys & Site Classifications

BH 1020Our detailed soil surveys and soil profiling can be tailored to civil or mining applications and provide insights into morphology, texture, stratification, cracking, parent material, compaction, permeability, salinity and virtually any other characteristic of interest.

All tests and analyses are conducted through a NATA accredited laboratory.

Combining a range of accurate and detailed data Geohart Consultants provide accurate site classifications and mitigation strategies for problematic classifications.

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