Reporting & Studies

Geohart Reports provide the kind of insight that only comes from decades of  experience in some of the most challenging environments around the world.


Factual & Definitive Geotechnical Reporting

Geohart understand soil and substrate. We offer a range of expert reports and analysis including:Geotechnical Reports

  • site investigation & classification
  • rock mass classification
  • soil strength
  • ground movement
  • vibration and seismic activity
  • contiguous piling and screw pile capacity
  • rock bolt analysis
  • slope & underground mine stability

Our advanced 3D modelling techniques combine insights from multiple disciplines and can reveal issues and opportunities that may not otherwise be apparent.

Drawing experience from hundreds of projects and from some of the most challenging environments in the world Geohart combines all of your data to get a more complete picture. This more comprehensive perspective enables us to advise the best practices to get superior results from your operation or project.


Incident Reporting & Investigative Reports

Water management

Geohart offers objective, factual incident reports and investigative reports grounded in many years of geotechnical experience and observation.

Our incident analysis and incident reports are conducted by highly qualified geotechnical engineers and geologists and meet the highest standards of scrutiny.

Geohart’s Incident reports can go further than standard investigations and meet higher standards required for successful legal cases, insurance, OHS, work cover, DPI and police prosecution.

Conceptual Reports & Bankable Feasibility Studies

At the outset is the most important time for scientifically objective reports into the viability of any project.

Geohart’s conceptual reports draw together geotechnical data and broadly outline the opportunities of a given operation.

These are commonly followed by a more rigorous feasibility study weighing objectively opportunities against the costs and challenges of a given site to a point where it is considered a bankable report.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Scoping studiesGeotechnical Support and Mentoring
  • Evaluation of mining operations
  • Studies for the expansion of mines
  • Ongoing geotechnical data management
  • Quality assurance / Quality control monitoring
  • Site advisory service
  • Training and mentoring

Geohart enjoys a number of long term relationships with some of the most successful mines in Australia and can bring the knowledge and experience we’ve gained along the way to offer insights to newer projects and operations.


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