Monitoring & Testing

Solutions are only as good as the data on which they based, which is why Geohart provide a range of highly accurate tests and geotechnical monitoring.


Ground Movement & Seismic Monitoring and Analysis

Seizmic TestingGeohart’s expertise in mining and civil geotechnical engineering begins with highly accurate measurement, modelling and analysis of soil strength, ground movement and seismic activity.

Our advanced 3D modelling techniques combine insights from multiple disciplines and can reveal dangers and issues that may not otherwise be apparent.

This level of specialist knowledge we bring also to our analysis and recommendations. Drawing experience from hundreds of projects and from some of the most challenging environments in the world, Geohart draw together all of your data to get a complete picture and advise you of the best practices to get superior possible results from your operations.

Capability Statement -Seismic Risk Assessment

Soil Strength Testing & Geophysics

Fully understanding the geophysical characteristics of an excavation can be vital to the success of a project.image022 copy

Geohart’s NATA accredited soil testing provides a wealth of data and a three dimensional picture of what geophysical characteristics are below the surface.

Our soil tests explore:

  • soil classification
  • soil mechanics testing
  • seismic, stress and vibration tests
Capability Statement – Seismic Surveys

Instrumentation and Vibration Monitoring Systems

When making decisions about blasting or drilling it pays to get things exactly right.Blast Vibration Monitoring

Geohart leverage our expertise to provide superior systems and instrumentation for monitoring drilling and blasting operations to meet international standards and optimise your operations.

We can advise of best practices for blasting design, explosive formulation, drill optimisation and evaluation. Leveraging the GeoBlast system, our consultants specialise in blast monitoring including vibrations, noise and overpressure.

Capability Statement – Vibration Monitoring

Non-Destructive Rockbolt Integrity Monitoring

Geohart has a long history of traditional rock bolt pull testing for a large range of operations and lead the field in pioneering new methods of…

Capability Statement – Non-Destructive Rockbolt Integrity Monitoring

Water Management

image030 copyGeohart offer a range of hydrogeological consulting services covering the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of all kinds of hydrogeological projects and water management.

Our testing, monitoring and analysis of  ground water levels, aquifers, wells and ground water quality are conducted by highly experienced consultants and meet the highest of industry standards.

Geohart employs specialist hydrogeologists and use standpipe piezometers to test pore-water pressure to determine the stability of slopes, embankments, and landfill dikes, monitor the effectiveness of dewatering schemes and seepage and ground water movements.

Capability Statement – Hydrology & Hydrogeology

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